All You Need for Growth™
All You Need for Growth™ is the premier one-stop-shop consulting firm providing 360° advice to ambitious entrepreneurs and C-Level executives worldwide

Copilot for Growth™


We build trust, share our experience and help you make the toughest decisions

Entrepreneurs often feel lonely, have doubts, lack information, need emotional support, a technical key or just someone else to challenge their ideas and vision.

Copilot for Growth™ is here to make it happen. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, and sit at your side to help you make decisions, set priorities, share our knowledge and experience, and to offer you access to a totally new range of 360° high level professionnals, at an affordable and controlled budget.

Driven by your needs, we build custom integrated solutions for strong and sustainable growth.


As an entrepreneur, I know how difficult it is to step back and look at the big picture before taking important decisions.

Agathe Molinar, serial entrepreneur and more recently CEO and Founder of Lemon Curve, joined All You Need for Growth™ to lead our Copilot for Growth™ offer. She drives a team of experienced entrepreneurs who will help you anticipate problems and teach you how to build sustainable growth.


The way we do things at AYNFG is unique. We share your worries, and offer our strong experience as both entrepreneurs and high level experts.

Sébastien Bonneau is the founder of All You Need for Growth™ and revamped the traditionnal consulting services. AYNFG teams simplify issues and documents to the most. Always in order to clarify, and generate easy-to-use tools to decision making. No bullshit, just efficiency and cost control.