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360° Critical Support Worldwide


Whatever stage of growth, you will always need to understand the legal implications of your actions and secure what needs to be secured. Legal for Growth™ teams are composed of highly experienced lawyers with accurate and up to date business and financial knowledge. They know how to simplify, make the most complex legal implications clear to all of the stakeholders, and structure contractual win-win and balanced tools in order to help your business grow in an agile and efficient way. They speak your language, and every time you interact with them they empower you with a unique practical legal knowledge that will make you stronger in your business decisions day after day.


Intellectual Property is the corner stone of most of the business deals in the digital economy. Our experts at Legal for Growth™ know how to help you anticipate problems, protect and defend your creations, rights, and data throughout the fast paced digital and global business environment. We help you integrate those issues into your contractual documentation whether it is for the distribution of your products, the launch of an R&D project, or the protection of your artistic creations. We also feel very privileged to have earned the trust of leading global Datacenter companies and Real Estate Investment Trusts for our unique experience and knowledge in the field of data storage.


Strategy is the art of utilising limited resources to achieve one's goals. All companies, at any stage of their growth path, from early PoCs in a garage to international development, face crucial strategy questions. Whether finding product-market fit, choosing best market opportunities, investing or divesting, organising resources, etc., Advice for Growth™ teams are able to utilise business and corporate strategy tools and methodologies (segmentation, market sizing, financial planning), and bring business acumen and sector expertise to make the right choices at the right times.



Key balance sheet events punctuate the growth path of All you need for Growth™ clients. Startups raise capital to finance growth, small businesses also finance investments and acquisitions with debt, and M&A opportunities are frequent. Our transaction experts at Finance for Growth™, along with corporate attorneys at Legal for Growth™and strategy experts at Advice for Growth™, assist clients at these decisive moments to identify and assess deal opportunities, evaluate targets and funding needs, prepare transactions and fundraising campaigns, and orchestrate transactions processes until closing. All you need for Growth™ experience and know-how is specifically recognized in "corporate venture" and acceleration deals involving both startups and large companies.


The right tax decisions can make a huge difference between competitors. They can also help you protect your own personal estate and guarantee your family that you can make the most of your entrepreneurial activities despite the risks associated with it. Navigating within the subtleties of local and international tax legislations is an essential skill for every leader. Our experts at Legal for Growth™ know how to mitigate risks to help you make the right practical decisions for yourself and your organization.




Your company or products need to be visible and understandable to others. This is where our Marketing for Growth™ teams stand, helping you make the most impactful - and meaningful - noise around your activities. Marketing for Growth™ works hand in hand with Advice for Growth™ to help you find the perfect match between your overall growth strategy and the killer marketing mix. Our experts are successful entrepreneurs and rock solid experts in e-commerce and marketing, and assist our clients to increase sales, create brands and boost their visibility among the right audience.